In 1995 I began my career as a Production Artist executing thousands of trading cards for the Playoff Trading Card Company. This is where I gained invaluable knowledge of print production and advanced techniques. Trading card brands were highly competitive so they used all of the latest techniques to stand out. Foil stamping, holographics, embossing, flocking and printing on clear or foil substrates were all the rage. Building and producing NFL cards of 500+ sets gave me an edge for consistency in everything I've done since. I became a master at file building, versioning, color correction, retouching and skilled in how to adjust color on press across the sheet to target varying team colors and skin tones.


From there I moved into the agency world with a large Omnicom agency in Dallas. There I learned how to be an avid brand ambassador and honed my skills in design and print production. I have many years of agency experience in both Creative and Production roles. My production background gave me an eye for details and mindset for efficiency, while my design experience has given me an eye for style and a mindset for innovation. Throughout my career, I guarded brand standards and produced error-free files for 60+ global brands. Design strategy, brand guidelines, UI/UX and build specs are a second language to me. I love what I do and my work reflects it.



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